Services & Rates

Investing in bodywork is an investment in your health.  In honoring your Body, Mind and Spirit and allowing yourself a deeper state of relaxation and stress relief, we recommend you experience either the 90 minute or two hour massage.


Massage Services

A massage will calm and soothe your nerves, relax your body and release all those tight muscles.


60 min Relaxation Massage: $70

60 min Deep Tissue Massage: $80

90 min Relaxation Massage: $100

90 min Deep Tissue Massage: $110

90 min Deep Tissue Hot Stone Massage: $115

2 hour Relaxation Massage: $130

2 hour Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage: $140

Hot Stone - Add $15 to any massage

Myofascial Release Treatments

Great for chronic pain, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, and headaches.

60 min Myofascial session: $80

90 min Myofascial session: $110

120 min Myofascial session: $140


Detox Services

Help rid your body of unwanted yeast, fungus, bacterias, viruses, and heavy metals.

Ionic Detoxifying Footbath: $30 (30 minute service)


60 min: $80

90 min: $110

2 hour: $140

Lymphatic Drainage

60 min: $85

90 min: $120

Energy work

60 min Craniosacral Therapy $90

60 min Energy Work $ 90

90 min Energy Work $120


Nourishing Facial  $75

Deep Cleansing Facial $85

Llike Fruit Peel  $95

Express Facial  $50

Prenatal Massages

60 Min Relaxation Prenatal massage $85

60 Min Deep Tissue Prenatal massage $95

90 Min Relaxation Prenatal massage $115

90 Min Deep Tissue Prenatal massage  $125

2 Hour Relaxation Prenatal massage  $145

2 Hour Deep Tissue Prenatal massage $155

Hours & Scheduling

Monday - Saturday: By Appointment Only

Sunday: Closed

Late Arrivals

If you arrive late, your session may be shortened in order to accommodate others whose appointments follow yours. Depending upon how late you arrive, your therapist will then determine if there is enough time remaining to start a treatment. Regardless of the length of the treatment actually given, you will be responsible for the “full” session. Out of respect and consideration to your therapist and other clients, please plan accordingly and be on time.

Cancellation Policy

We appreciate as much cancellation notice as possible as our therapists reserve this specific appointment time for your therapy.  Given enough advance notice, they can be available to treat another client during this ​same ​time.  Full price will be charged for no shows or notification that is less than 24 hours.  Our therapists are independent contractors so when they come into the office for appointments, they must be paid for their time. An emergency or being sick is the exception for not coming to the scheduled appointment.


Anyone who either forgets or consciously chooses to forgo their appointment, for whatever reason, will be considered a “no-show.” They will be charged for their “missed” appointment.

We look forward to serving you!

Healthy Living Plan

Basic Membership

Absolute Wholeness Massage & Wellness is offering a membership program as a way to show our appreciation to our regular clients while also encouraging everyone to reap the benefits of regular bodywork.

The physical incentives to therapeutic massage are endless. People often mistakenly underestimate the overall effects, thinking it's only a relaxing luxury. However relaxing it may be, regular bodywork has many long term benefits such as: improving overall circulation, boosting your immune system, giving your body the tools it needs to naturally fight off disease. When clients commit to regular visits, they find themselves with increased mental clarity and a sense of greater well-being.

So, of course we want everyone to come see us at least once a month! Too often, the physical benefits aren't enough to change our lifestyles, so we've added financial incentives as well. Through the membership program, clients are given either one 90-minute or one 60-minute therapeutic massage each month for the duration of the plan that is chosen.

Payment Options

We are providing our clients with a few different options: A 12 month, 6 month, or 3 month Healthy Living Plan membership. Each of these options has their own benefits, and all of them save you quite a bit over the duration of your membership.  The maximum savings is in the 12 month plan.

With the 12 and 6 month Healthy Living Plans, you can either have your membership fee automatically deducted on the 1st of each month, or pay for the whole plan up front for the maximum value.

With the 3 month Healthy Living Plan, your membership fee can be automatically deducted on the 1st of the month or you can pay for the whole plan in full.

As a member, you can purchase additional massages in any given month for a special member only rate. This will also be automatically charged to the card on file unless you wish to provide another form of payment on the date of the appointment.

Term Agreement Cancellation

If you are on the monthly membership and decide to cancel before your plan expires, an early termination fee will apply. Payments due prior to the effective termination date will be charged as scheduled until your plan is cancelled.  There will be no termination fee assessed on those who choose to pay for their entire membership up front because this plan is non-refundable. However, if someone is unable to take advantage of the benefits of their membership, they can allow a friend or family member to utilize it up to 3 months consecutively.

Automatic Renewal

Memberships are automatically renewed at the end of the initial term.

Those who opt for full-year payment options will be notified within one month of renewal of the amount you owe and the date on which your credit card will be charged unless we receive written notice stating that you do not wish to continue your membership.

We will continue to charge those enrolled in the monthly payment plan on the 1st of each month. A one-month grace period will be given, during which time you can cancel your membership without incurring the termination fee.

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